Business Background

Due to energy crisis that causes oil price to fluctuate and lacking its own energy resource, Thai government, like many countries, supports the production of ethanol from agricultural products for domestic consumption, praising it as ‘harvestable fuel.’

In 2006, Sui Heng Lee Group, an agricultural product export company, has established Sapthip Co., to produce ethanol from cassava and petroleum as alternative fuel in respond to the government’s policy at the time. It aims to increase economic advantages and energy stability and to provide farmers a new channel to sell their products.

In 2010, Sapthip has shared investment with Thai Ethanol, a company under Thai Oil Public Company, to boost business strength.

In 2018, Sapthip Green Energy Co., Ltd. has been established to produce electricity from biogas.

10th anniversary of Sapthip Company Limited

In 2021, Sapthip Green Energy Co., Ltd has been established Woodchip Plant.

In 2022, Sapthip Co., Ltd establishing evaporated Wet Cake Yard and other new projects related such as cassava chips yard, animal feed, fertilizer.

15th anniversary of Sapthip Company Limited

For the past 15 years. We have never stopped developing, adjusting, and improving, Particularly in developing new innovations. We are moving forward steadily, believing in good governance, along with the community and society, and not leaving anyone behind. I would like to thank all of you. We have been fighting together for more than 15 years. And most importantly, our fellow farmers. The people, and the community that surround us. Also, all related agencies that have always been a good supporter for us.