Human Development Policy

Our organization orients in human resources development as that is the key importance to the stable organization’s growth. We support and develop our personnel by assigning yearly functional competency which consists of these competencies below;

  1. Soft Competency
  2. Functional Competency
  3. Knowledge related to policy and legal. This will be the guideline to issue yearly Individual Development Plan (IDP) and competency assessment to find out what skills each personnel needs to develop. Anyhow, we have a yearly development plan as follows;

3.1 On the Job Training such as fundamental knowledge of production process, how to operate and maintain the machine in slurry plant, inspection and controlling of quality inspection procedure.

3.2 In-house Training such as

3.3 Public Training Such as  Orientation Couse – CFO Focus on Financial Reporting for Finance and Account Manager, Fundamentals for Corporate Secretaries for Corporate Secretary. After the training ends, HR department will assess and follow up the training results to evaluate whether the training goal is achieved.