Occupational Health And Sefty Management System

At Sapthip, we are determined to achieve the best operational system.  The company has been awarded ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001.  We have also adopted the safety management process to upgrade our safety system by enhancing staff awareness and fostering safety consciousness in the workplace.

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Environmental Management System

Sapthip realizes the importance of the environment.  Distillery stillage waste enters a stillage treatment process.  The non-fermentable solids are used as animal feed while the wastewater enters a sewage treatment process to reduce COD (chemical oxygen demand) and is reused in the production process as well as being reused to water crops such as sugar cane and Napier Grass.

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Social Responsibility Policy

We are a denatured ethanol manufacturer from cassava holding the principles of social-responsible business transaction in order to decrease effects in every aspect that our enterprise might cause. We insist in transparency management, auditability, ethics, human rights respect as well we aim at response to requirements and expectation of stakeholders.

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CSR Activities

  • Social Projects
  • Eco Projects
  • Economic Projects
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Annual Sustainability Report

Year 2018

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Corporate Affairs Department

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