Shareholding Structure

List of 11 major shareholders as on 22 March 2021

1. Thaioil Ethanol Co., Ltd. 50%
2. Mr.Thitichai Srisathaporn7.08%
3. Mr.Supachai Srisathaporn7.08%
4. Mr.Suchai Sathaporn6.29%
5. Mr.Sunai Sathaporn6.29%
6. Mr.Soonthorn Sathaporn6.29%
7. Mr.Sukum Srisathaporn4.72%
8. Mr.Supoj Srisathaporn4.72%
9. Mr.Supamongkon Srisathaporn4.72%
10. Keng Seng Co., Ltd.2.50%

Stock Dividend Payment

Our dividend policy is to pay out more than 25% of the residual after all project capital requirements according to the law and the company regulation are met. However, the dividend distribution will also depend on investment plans and future necessities.

When the company board votes to approve the annual distribution, the result will be brought to the shareholders’ meeting for approval, except the interim dividend payment which the company board is authorized to pay and report to the next shareholders’ meeting afterwards.